I have severe pain and felt ur was nice.. That's y using regularly. Its really good mam.. I felt its wonderful. Great efforts given to our ladies...
The product i feel so satisfy...So I referred to all my friends. One of friend is addict of ur product... Because she undergoing treatment.. she have periods full months 30 days....For her it so helpful. For her only i am booking by bulk.......
Actually im nt well i hav chickenpox with tat i hav my periods also i cant use any other napkin urs is soo comfortable for me
Very good afternoon madam thank you so much for such a good product. I been using it I'm so comfortable and I Always had a issue using this Whisper pad it use to cause too much heat when I use it in my menstrual cycle but your pad is so much easy and eco friendly for me....... All the best for your future success too madam 💐
Im using Malar Herbal Napkin, i feel very comfortable for this, and also Herbal Napkin very secure for ladies, No chemical No artificial, It will protect from Disease.... Good....
No itching or rashes... No need to change frequently.. Comfortable to use ...no chemical odour...God bless you... Mam.
I TOO liked this product so much.. and I will feel XXL is more comfortable ...... AND I AM SATISFIED TOO.. Now No issues to me mam........
Hai the product is really problem free. I have informed this to my friends and relatives. They will place orders soon. Thanks for the innovation and thought about women society. Indira/health department
Mam, Bcoz of your herbal napkin I feel comfortable. I forgot to buy products from you. Now I m in Muskat. I thought easyly ll get. Now what can I do I don't know. White problems also solved after this product. If I use ready made napkin might be white discharge ll come again....Plz give me solution. I need your support.
sister ur napkins are really good and comfortable no irritation Usually i will get stomach pain and napkin Gets heat often but ur product is really awesome
The pads are very good and long lasting. We are using it for more than a year! All of my friends circle are using it. It is so soft and easily wearable! I highly recommended this! .....
Ma'am I used your product I feel very comfortable Honestly speaking too good 😍 .
Ur napkin was tooo good product we just lub ur product😌😌
normal shop la irukkara pad use pannitu irutha antha idam romba heat irukkum but ungaloda herbal product antha mathiri problem illa madam. romba freeya happya irukkunga madam. normal panties la erama irutha shop la irukkura pad ottathu periods romba athigama pora time romba kastama irukkum, and periods time la romba enakku rashes and itchiness, burning sensation problem irukkum .so ippo na mela sonna mathiri entha problem ungaloda herbal pad illanga madam. i m happy to ur product madam
Iam using your Product, I'm so comfortable. Before I used to have issues while using pad it will cause itching problems for me. During my menstrual period I will be so tensed because I used have pain and pad also will not be comfortable. First I was thinking how can we use without wings but after using it, it was amazing and superb.Your product is so comfortable for me.Good initiative ,all the best ...
Respected mam I am so thankful for the providing the herbal napkin, more than a year I am using it and feels good,Previously because of commercial napkin I had many problems and after using your herbal napkin all that problems solved and I am very comfortable to use the same I am so thankful for providing such a good product, thanks a lot mam
Raji ,
Very comfortable to use. Thank you so much for such a good product. Great effort mam continue your services for ever,.
Actually i used your Malar Herbal napkins , what i felt was its really comfortable and odourless. And also i used to suffer from rashes and itching every month bcos of other napkins happy that iam free from rashes and pain bcos of your herbal napkins comfy without wings thanx for your product., ,
Hi Mam thank you for the herbal product, i have used it and it's really comfortable, rashes and odour free napkins,hereafter im going to use only this, really i will suggest to all my friends and family..... ,
Irritation ilama irudhatu mam. Normal pad use panna 1 week ku irritating aa irukum.. Unga pad use panna apdi edhuvum ila..
hai mam this product soft and smooth ahh irunthuchu madam.... Thank you for your suggestion mam .... am very happy itching ethum ila ... use pannna apram romba comfortable ah irunthuchu thanks mam your hard work needs to go very well and succesfull mam